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YNPN is pleased to serve the nonprofit community with its free job announcement email list and online database. Job announcements should be posted online at and from there an email will be automatically generated to the YNPN Jobs list. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about this change, please feel free to contact us directly at listadmin@ynpn.org.

To subscribe
To start receiving emails from the YNPN-Jobs email list, simply send a blank email to ynpn_jobs-subscribe@lists.ynpn.org .

To unsubscribe
To stop receiving YNPN-Jobs emails, send a blank email to ynpn_jobs-unsubscribe@lists.ynpn.org.

To change your subscription options
You can change the manner in which you receive YNPN-Jobs emails by changing your options on this site. Login to the site using the password that was sent in your original welcome email (or ask for your password to be resent), and choose Subscriber Options from the left navigation bar. You have the following options:
  • Normal: You receive each email individually when it is posted.
  • TextDigest: You recieve one email per day with a text summary of all posts for the day.
  • Digest: You receive one email per day that shows all emails in their original format, including any HTML or attachments.
  • Nomail: You won�t receive any mail, but are still subscribed to the list and can post. Useful if you are going on vacation.

As YNPN does not pre-screen emails, the views expressed in emails do not necessarily reflect the sentiments of YNPN as a whole nor the members of the YNPN Advisory Board.

YNPN reserves the right to remove anyone who, in our sole opinion, abuses the privileges of participation and/or violates list rules.
copyright � 2004 young nonprofit professionals network. questions? contact us at listadmin@ynpn.org
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